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Parking Bay Markings

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Our team of experts have years of experience in working to install professional car park markings across the UK.

Car park markings can be installed by our line marking contractors to establish bays for those who use the facilities.

We can additionally place arrow markers to ensure that users follow the car park around in the appropriate direction, reducing the likelihood of accidents and collisions.

We are a fully accredited trade association, following the trade association's code to install car park markings across the UK.


We do our utmost to suit our client's particular needs and expectations while still meeting legal obligations.

For example, a bay must be a specified size to accommodate a normal car; we will guarantee that the bays are built appropriately so that no difficulties arise after the lines are installed. 

We can also add markings for disabled parking spaces, pedestrian zones, child symbols, EV charging spaces, hatched markings and areas for drivers to unload goods.

Types of Parking Bay Markings

There are many different types of car park marking products available in the UK. We offer car park road markings for a wide range of different car parking spaces.

Let's take a look at some of the different options to create car park markings that we offer.

Restricted Parking Zone

Restricted or controlled parking zones are an important part of car park painting.

Whether it is a permit parking area, a waiting restriction, or limitations on stopping on private land that you need to make clear, we can paint appropriate markings to show the specific rules of different bays.

Double Yellow Lines

Double yellow lines are a common marking used to forbid drivers from stopping their cars.

We can mark these easily or the regionally specific red lines that some local authority parking regulations require.

Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrians need to be able to walk around car parks safely. That means you will need walkways clearly marked out in different colours to ensure pedestrians have access to the entrance to any properties attached to your car park.


Disabled Parking Spaces

Disabled spaces should be identified with a symbol, words, or both.

It is a legal necessity for car parks to have a certain number of these accessible parking spaces. These disabled bays should be larger than ordinary bays.

We can mark out handicapped spaces in car parks. If necessary, these can be erected in a different colour than the conventional spots, and we can install preformed thermoplastic disabled badges and all signage required in the disabled spaces.

Parent and Child Car Parking Bays

All car parks are required to have a certain number of parking bays reserved for parents with small children.

We can install appropriate car park signage in these parking zones to ensure compliance with all local authority requirements.

Parking Bay Marking Costs

Most car park markings will cost between £2000 and £4000 for an entire car park.

This will vary depending on the materials and colours used, as well as for the length and width of the car park.

As a general rule, standard materials like paint are more affordable than premium materials such as thermoplastic lines.

For further information or for a free quotation, get in touch with us today.


Parking Bay Marking Benefits

Car park markers provide many benefits, including more efficient and structured parking places, increased safety, and a good user experience.

Car park markers play an important role in controlling vehicle traffic and providing a well-functioning environment. Let's take a look at the primary advantages of car park markings:

  • Car park lining helps to optimise available space by clearly delineating parking locations and layouts. This decreases congestion and prevents inefficient use of space, as well as helping traffic flow. 

  • Road users are guided around the car park by road markings such as marked lanes and directional arrows, reducing congestion, wrong-way driving, and accidents.

  • Car park marking also helps users to understand which areas of car parks have restrictions in place, ensuring that people with disabilities are easily able to park in accessible locations.

Standard Parking Space Size UK

The United Kingdom uses a standard 2.4m by 4.8m parking space for all conventional road vehicles, with an additional six metres for manoeuvring. 

However, there is no legal requirement regarding the size of typical car spaces, so there is a good deal of flexibility in these dimensions.

According to the UK Government's standards, 6% of spaces should be given to disabled individuals. All handicapped areas should be at least 3.6m wide and 6.6m long. The car park markers should be yellow and incorporate a wheelchair symbol or text clarifying use.


Where are Parking Bays Installed?

Car park markings can be installed in a wide variety of areas, including children's signs for schools, bays for leisure centres, hospitals, medical centres, factories, nurseries, shopping centres, private car park areas, large areas for public stopping, and many other locations in addition to these.

What are Parking Bay Line Markings?

Car park marking is a vital safety service. A car park line marking shows road users where they can and cannot park their cars, with line marking being applied to the asphalt or block paving surface of the car park to make readable lines and signs that traffic can follow.

Just like any other example of road signs, car park line mark painting exists primarily for safety but also to optimise the flow of vehicles around a car park. 

These safety signs can be applied in a range of materials, including thermoplastic car park marking signs and painted car park marking signs.


"My car park was run down and in need of servicing, and now it looks as good as new again. Thank you!"

"Efficient car park marking for a new build property! The lines are straight and clean."

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many Parking Places do you Require, and What Size should your Bays be?

The number of vehicle park locations you can fit will be determined by the size of your car park area. Regular vehicle park slots should not be less than 2.4m x 4.8m; however, given the size of today's vehicles, these spots may need to be larger. 

Larger areas will also be required for vans, buses, and delivery trucks, if applicable. 

If you intend to incorporate parallel parking spots, each bay must be longer than the usual length. In general, white lines indicate authorised stopping, while yellow lines indicate no stopping.


What Paints are Used in Road Marking?

Our lining installers make use of a variety of paints, the most common of which are:

  • Thermoplastic road paints

  • MMA surface covering

  • Water-based road paints

  • Road paints made of latex

  • (CH3)2CO highway paints

We ensure that all of the paints used in our services are fully slip-resistant so that your car's wheel does not slide when the surface is wet, boosting driver and pedestrian safety.


As a professional car park marking company, we can install new markings for your car parks or repaint and refresh old, worn markings with ease.

We promise an efficient and effective service, bringing highly skilled car park marking installation to your location no matter where you are.


There are many different types of marking commonly used in car parks, and all of them are available as part of our service. 

From disabled slots to pedestrian footpaths, all options are available. Just get in touch with our team today for a free quote or for more information on the services available.

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