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Disabled Parking Bay Markings

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We are a team of experienced parking bay marking providers with a real passion for constructing beautiful but effective parking bays.

Between individual road markings and larger street parking space areas, we understand how to properly mark parking areas on a property in a way that keeps vehicles protected.


Costs of Disabled Parking Bay Markings

The average cost for installing disabled parking bay markings is £750 - £2,000.

The cost of marking a parking bay spot can vary based on the kind of bay, the application process, and the amount of parking bays involved.

While many parking bays are simply yellow lines on a road or street, the requirements of each client can dramatically change the cost.

For example, a driveway or garage park space is very different to an emergency park space on a highway.

Our team work with each client to help them understand the expected costs of their new disabled parking bays.


Where are Disabled Parking Bay Markings Installed?

Disabled-only parking bay marks can be installed outside a wide variety of locations, such as:

  • Office buildings

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Factories

  • Leisure centres

  • Nurseries

  • Public parking areas

  • Highway rest stops

  • Vehicle dealerships

  • An applicant's property driveway

  • Elsewhere at the address where the applicant lives

Benefits of Disabled Bay Markings

There are many benefits to having a dedicated disabled parking bay on your property. The most obvious is that disabled bays keep parking areas accessible to those with disabilities.

Not only does this make street parking easier for them, but it ensures that disabled road users will always have a space to park at that property.

This can also prevent parking issues where those with disabilities are boxed in by other cars or are unable to reach their vehicle to leave.

This might also provide a safe place to park that a neighbouring property cannot use, letting a person's home provide a proper parking area. Of course, on a driveway, a dropped kerb may be needed.


Thermoplastic Disabled Bay Marking Benefits

Our thermoplastic street parking marks allow for long-term on-street and off-street parking bays.

The use of thermoplastic materials keeps the property marks clear in the long term, ensuring that the advisory parking bay is always easily visible.

These are suitable for any outdoor area, garage, or other major parking spot.

Our Role

We can help you secure a blue badge number-friendly parking spot option, laying out the marks required for these spaces at your chosen address and location.

Even if you are getting these spots added to your own property address while waiting for the blue badge application form to be completed, we can provide your address with the right legal marks to designate a disabled parking space.

What are Disabled Off-Street Parking Markings?

Marks meant for disabled parking bays allow each advisory bay to be clearly distinct.

This makes it clear that only blue badge holders are meant to park there, allowing a blue badge holder to get access to a space that might be more convenient for them.

Since a valid blue badge signals somebody with a disability, this creates a (usually) legally enforceable blue badge holder parking space that can accommodate disabilities more easily.

For example, it might let a blue badge holder use off-street parking that would place their vehicle closer to the applicant's property and away from a dangerous road junction.

Our road marking options enable these parking bays to be quickly marked out, taking into account things like existing road marking designs, dropped kerbs, narrow road areas and any relevant residents' parking scheme.



"Your work was a massive help. The parking spots are perfect and just the right size for wheelchairs."

"We have nothing but praise for the team, who managed to complete the project a lot faster than it would have taken for the existing waiting restrictions of other companies to pass."

"The new parking bay area in our drive has made such a difference to our family, and we are so glad it took almost no time to get ready."

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Mark Requirements for Disabled Parking Spaces?

Yellow lines and a wheelchair symbol are the usual ways of designating a disabled vehicle parking space.

What is the British Standard for Disabled Parking Bays?

Valid disabled parking in the UK falls under the following criteria:

  • A disabled bay should be marked with both the yellow line design and the disabled symbol, if possible. This keeps the space visible even in bad lighting or weather conditions.

  • A parking bay needs to be at least 3.6 meters wide, with a distance of 1.2 meters between them to accommodate wheelchair users.

What are the White Lines Next to Handicap Parking Spaces?

The white lines are the crosshatch area, which marks out spaces for wheelchair users who would potentially need to move between two cars if multiple bays are in use.

What is the Difference Between White and Yellow Disabled Bays UK?

The white marks for these bays are advisory and are not legally enforced. The yellow bays are "full" disabled parking areas that meet all of the usual eligibility criteria and are enforced via the Highway Authority and local police.

What Size is the Disabled Parking Logo?

While the exact size of the logo varies, it needs to be visible enough to stand out from other road markings.

Other Services We Offer


Our team can mark out any parking spots you require, working closely with each client to get the exact right spots designated as disabled-only parking areas - whether that is one spot in a driveway or twenty in larger parking spaces.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our work and price estimates.


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