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EV Charging Bay Markings

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Electric vehicle charging bays are becoming an increasingly important part of car park planning as electric vehicles become more popular.

That means you need to be prepared to mark those out with electric parking bay markings, just like any other type of car park marking.

Let's take a look at how to use line marking to clearly separate parking bays for electric and regular vehicles.

In this article, we will cover the basics of line painting work for EV charging bays and road markings.


Types of EV Charging Bay Markings

There are five main types of electric vehicle charging bay marking that you need to be aware of.

EV Symbol

The EV symbol, the most common design for which are white lines marked showing a car with an electric cable encircling it, can be painted on the floor of the parking spaces in question. This is usually combined with a coloured background.

Coloured Background

Electric vehicle charging bays are usually painted with a green background beneath all road markings.

This is usually applied with paint, providing one of the best surfaces to apply preformed thermoplastic markings on top of.

For high-traffic areas, more durable material installation may be worth considering.

EV Charging Station Icons

A charging bay can be marked with an electric vehicle charging symbol, usually applied with the same methods as the bay line marking.

This is usually in white, resistant to direct sunlight, and can be applied on top of tarmac, paint, block paving, or other surfaces.

EV Only Signage

As well as floor markings for your electric charging bay, you can add free-standing signage to attract attention to your electric car charging points in the EV bays.

Additional Markings

These are the most common approaches to electric charging bay markings, but there are many other electric car charging markings that can be used.

Check with your local authority to determine which markings are legally required for electric parking bays in your area!


EV Charging Bay Marking Costs

The average cost of designating a single parking place is roughly £45, although this varies greatly depending on the line marking material used as well as a variety of other variables and most companies have a minimum order value.

The final cost will also vary depending on the size of the bays and the number of car park markers you want.

We can give precise quotes for our own work to guarantee that you obtain the best (and lowest) prices possible in each case.

Get in touch with our team today for a custom quote tailored to your unique needs, and we will get the ball rolling.

Where are Electric Vehicle Markings Installed?

EV bay Markings can be installed in a wide variety of areas, including schools, leisure centres, hospitals, factories, nurseries, residential areas, and private company car parks.

If you have an electric car charging point, you need to add electric charging bay markings to it.


Benefits of EV Charging Bay Markings

There are many benefits to electric vehicle charging point markings. First and foremost, they are legally required in most areas, just like other types of parking bay markings.

They also make it clear to people that your car park can be used for EV charging, encouraging people to use your EV bays and moving the world towards electric vehicle use rather than petrol and diesel vehicles.

If you have got charging points installed safely, you should be doing what you can to encourage people to use an electric car, and having a clearly visible bay line for each electric charging bay is a good step in that direction!

What are Electric Vehicle Bay Markings?

Electric car parking bay markings are a type of line marking for car parks. They indicate that a specific bay of the car park is limited for the use of electric vehicles only, usually because that bay has a charging point for electric vehicles.

This type of line marking is part of the standard arsenal of line marking tools used in the design of clear, readable car parks.

We are proud to offer the best value design and installation service for electronic vehicle charging bay line marking. If you are interested in line marking for EV bays, get in touch with our team today for a free quote!



"Great work! The team painted a bay line for each parking bay, and they're all perfectly laid out!"

"Efficient, effective, and a pleasure to deal with."

"True line marking professionals. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs electric charging bays marked out."

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you Install EV Charging Bay Markings?

We can manage the installation of electric car parking bay markers. Depending on the client's preferences, each electric vehicle charging bay setup we deal with can have its own distinct bay marking designs.

While installing charging point line marking is not difficult, it is something that should only be done by an expert.

How Long do Car Park Markings for Vehicle Charging Bays Last?

With regular maintenance, our markers for electric car charging locations can last for years.

If treated properly, each line marking can last for a decade or two of regular usage, requiring replacement only in the event that they begin to wear down too rapidly.

Who Needs Electric Car Charging Station Markings?

EV charging bays are found throughout the UK, electric bay marks are relevant in many situations.

Good electric charging bay markings may help keep charging points clear and visible in any location, making it easier for electric car drivers to park and charge.

Where can I Find Electric Car Charging Stations in my Area?

You can find charging stations in your area by using internet maps or smartphone apps. Some EV manufacturers now provide applications that can help with this.

Other Services We Offer


Electric vehicles charging bays need to be clearly marked in accordance with local authority regulations.

We offer bespoke symbols for charging bays that can be combined with your company branding and applied with acrylic paint or thermoplastic markings.

For custom designs, we can give you a bespoke quote - just get in touch with our team today!


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