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Parent and Child Parking Bay Markings

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We are a group of experienced parking bay marking providers who understand how important accurate and safe parking markings are.

While a lot of our work focuses on conventional car park spaces, we are also fully equipped to create properly marked thermoplastic parent and child parking bays.


Types of Parent and Child Bay Parking Signs

Designed to mark designated parking spots for parents and children, our parent and child, parking bay markings come in a range of child symbol options that are all meant to be clear and distinct.

While the design of these signs may vary based on local regulations and guidelines, they typically feature universal symbols for easy recognition. Here are a few common variations you might encounter:

  • Symbol Signs: These signs typically feature symbols of a parent pushing a pram or holding a child's hand. The symbols are often universal and easy to understand regardless of language.

  • Pictorial Signs: Some signs use pictures or illustrations to depict a parent with a child, emphasizing the purpose of the designated parking space.

  • Colour Coding: Parent and child parking spaces might be outlined or marked with specific colours, such as blue or red, to indicate their special purpose. The child parking bay sign itself may have a blue background.

  • Text Signs: In addition to symbols, some signs may include text, indicating that the parking space is for parents with children. The wording might vary, but it generally conveys the message clearly.

  • Accessible Parking Signs: In some areas, parent and child parking spaces are also designed to be accessible, meaning they have additional space for wheelchair users. These signs might include the wheelchair symbol along with the parent and child symbols.

We can tailor our parent and child parking symbols to suit the chosen parking spaces in terms of design and dimensions.

How Much Does it Cost to Mark Out a Parent and Child Parking Bay?

The average cost of parent and child parking bay signs will usually be around £850, but this can be affected by a range of factors.

For example, your parent-child parking space marking options could be influenced by:

  • Overall material costs

  • The size of the parent-child parking space being created

  • The number of parent-child parking bays being marked out


Where are Parent and Child Bays Installed?

Our parent and child parking bays can be installed in a wide range of spaces and on a variety of properties, such as:

  • Office buildings

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Factories

  • Leisure centres

  • Nurseries

  • Public parking areas

  • Highway rest stops

  • Residential areas

  • Parks

  • Private car parks

  • Supermarket car parks


What are the Benefits of Installing Parent and Child Parking Bay Markings?

There are many benefits to having dedicated spaces for parent and child parking bays on your property.

For one, having this dedicated parent-child space provides a safe place to park for people with small children and/or for pregnant women, often located close to the main property.

These bays are designed to offer extra space and wiggle room, making entrance and exit easier and safer for both the car drivers and passengers of the vehicles.

The wider bays, extra room and better positioning in parking lots (such as supermarket car park areas) offer greater convenience for families with small children in a booster seat.

This also means easier access to a space like a supermarket without having to walk through the entire car park.

What is a Parent and Child Parking Space?

Parent and child parking bay markings are specially prepared marks designed for parking bays, designating parent and child parking spaces that offer some of the key features mentioned above.

Each of these child symbol parking space options marks suitable child spaces for families, just like disabled parking space symbols mark areas for blue badge holders.

These car park markings are made of a thermoplastic material applied to just a clean surface with a gas heat gun or other specialised tools, placed in a suitable area of the parking lot to mark one of the child-friendly parking bays.


Parent and Child Parking Space Dimensions

While some parking space sizes can vary, typical parent and child parking bays will be 2.4m x 4.8m or larger.

They also need extra space around them to accommodate the normal car park operations, as well as leaving room for bulky items like pushchairs and preventing children and parents from being boxed in by another car.

Parent and Child Parking Law UK

While UK law does not stop you from parking in a children and parents bay if you are not parents or do not have children in the car, it is frowned upon.

You can earn a parking charge notice for parking in a children and parent's bay without a child under the age of 12 in the vehicle.

Car park operators may also have other restrictions on how a parent and child parking space could be used by non-parents.

For example, a supermarket may have harder limits on how that supermarket car park space can be used.



"Our supermarket desperately needed some new child-friendly parking spaces. We're extremely happy with how fast our car park got finished up and ready to use."

"Excellent quality, great markings, worked perfectly. Would use again."

"The child parking space quality is ideal for our school and positioned perfectly."

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is there Parent and Child Parking Spaces?

Parent and child parking spaces are designated in many public places for several important reasons:

  • Safety: Parents with young children often need extra space to safely get in and out of vehicles. These spaces are typically wider, making it easier to manoeuvre a car seat, pushchair, or pram without risking damage to adjacent vehicles.

  • Convenience: Parents with children, especially infants and toddlers, have a lot of items to carry, such as baby bags, pushchairs, and groceries. Parent and child parking spaces are usually located closer to entrances, making it more convenient for parents to transport their children and belongings.

  • Accessibility: Parents with young children or pregnant people, usually require additional space for movement. These designated spaces often have wider aisles around them, ensuring easier access for parents and caregivers.

  • Child Safety: Being closer to the entrance reduces the distance children need to walk in busy parking lots, reducing the risk of accidents. It also minimizes the time children spend in traffic areas, enhancing their safety.

  • Promoting Family-Friendly Environment: Businesses and public facilities that provide parent and child parking spaces demonstrate their commitment to being family-friendly. This can improve customer satisfaction and attract families to their establishments.

  • Compliance with Regulations: In some regions, providing designated parking spaces for parents and children might be a legal requirement or part of building regulations to promote accessibility and safety.

How are Parking Space Markings Applied?

Parking space markings, including those made with thermoplastic materials, are applied using a specific process to ensure durability and visibility. Here's how parking space thermoplastic markings are typically applied:

Surface Preparation

  • Cleaning: The pavement surface must be clean and free of dirt, debris, and oils. This often involves sweeping the area thoroughly.

  • Drying: The surface should be completely dry before applying thermoplastic materials to ensure proper adhesion.


  • Marking the Layout: The parking space layout is marked on the area using stencils or templates. These stencils guide the application of thermoplastics, ensuring accurate shapes and dimensions.

Heating the Thermoplastics

  • Thermoplastic Preparation: Thermoplastic material is heated to a specific temperature until it becomes a molten liquid. This is usually done using specialised equipment, such as thermoplastic applicators.

  • Glass Beads: Glass beads, which provide reflectivity for improved visibility, are often mixed with the thermoplastic.

Cooling and Solidification

  • Natural Cooling: After the thermoplastic and glass beads are applied, they are left to cool and solidify naturally. This process might take a few minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.

  • Accelerated Cooling: In some cases, water or air cooling systems are used to speed up the cooling process, allowing the marked area to be ready for traffic more quickly.

Quality Checks

  • Inspection: Once the thermoplastic markings have cooled and solidified, they are inspected for accuracy, thickness, adhesion, and reflectivity.

  • Touch-ups: Any imperfections or areas that do not meet quality standards are touched up as needed.

Curing Time

  • Full Curing: While thermoplastic markings become functional relatively quickly, they continue to cure and harden over the next several hours, providing long-lasting durability.

Who can use a Parent and Child Parking Space?

Parent and child parking spaces are typically intended for parents or caregivers with young children.

The specific criteria for using these spaces can vary by location and establishment, but in general, the following individuals are allowed to use parent and child parking spaces:

  • Parents: Parents or legal guardians with young children, including infants, toddlers, or children who are not old enough to walk long distances safely.

  • Caregivers: Individuals who are responsible for the care of young children, such as babysitters, grandparents, or other family members, can use these spaces when they are accompanying small children.

Is it Illegal to Park in a Mother and Baby Space?

It is not illegal for drivers to park there, but it can be frowned upon, and a person may be penalised if they ignore the sign.

What is the Penalty for Misusing Child Parking Spaces

Usually, the penalty for ignoring a child parking space sign is a small charge.


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