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Car park line marking is an important part of making a car park into a usable space, whether that means marking out traffic routes and car park bays or defining loading bays for specialist equipment.

As experts in the car park marking field in Falkirk, we understand how to produce highly-visible road markings for a range of car parks.


Why Choose Us?

We work hard to provide specialist car park line marking services to our Falkirk clients, marking out whatever car park line requirements they may have. 

Our expertise and excellent material choices allow us to tackle marking almost any surface, creating smooth car park surfaces that are quick-drying with excellent resistance and they are also non-slip surfaces,

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We use high-quality substances like chlorinated rubber to ensure complete and long-term car park line marking quality throughout each project.

Types of Car Park Markings

Car park markings are crucial in organizing and guiding vehicles within parking lots. Here are some common types of car park markings:

Parking Bay Lines in Falkirk

Parking bay lines are the most basic and essential markings in a car park.

They define individual parking spaces and aisles. Parking lines are typically marked with thermoplastic markings or painted with traffic paint and are usually white or yellow.

They can be straight or angled, depending on the parking bays design.

EV Charger Car Park Bay Falkirk

We can provide marking services for a range of EV parking bays and other specialised car park areas.

Defined marking services can be important for any car park with specialised EV spaces.

Parent and Child Car Park Bay Falkirk

Parent and child car park line marking provide a cost-effective way of marking out family-safe car park spaces, making it easier for families to use car parks safely.

Disabled Car Park Bay Falkirk

Handicap parking spaces are designated for vehicles carrying individuals with disabilities.

These spaces are marked with the International Symbol of Access (ISA), which typically consists of a wheelchair symbol painted in blue.

The markings also include the word "Reserved" and may include additional signage.

Disabled bays in most car parks require clean car park line marking to distinguish them from other car parking bays.

We can provide bespoke disabled car park line marking services to help with marking out these car park bays more clearly.

Reserved Car Park Bay Falkirk

Businesses or sites with reserved car park spaces require unique surface markings and colours to make car parks clear and reduce heavy traffic.

As with other types, we can provide bespoke and highly-visible markings to help prevent bay mix-ups.

Corporate Logo Car Park Bay Falkirk

In corporate spaces, a car park painting company like us can offer line painting to keep individual car park spaces distinct.

Whether this is by using new surface colours or highly specific custom road markings, our experts can get you the line painting results you need for your corporate car park.

Headteacher Car Park Bay Falkirk

School car parks line painting is not just about safety but also about keeping car park bays clear as needed. 

Our line painting options allow important or reserved spaces to be defined in any car park, even school car parks meant purely for staff.

Car Park Arrows in Falkirk

Arrows are used to guide the flow of traffic within car parks

They are typically painted in white or yellow and are used to indicate the direction of travel or guide drivers into specific areas, such as entrances, exits, or ramps.

Zebra Crossings in Falkirk

Crosswalks are marked areas that allow pedestrians to cross paths with vehicles safely.

They are usually painted with white stripes and may include additional signage to alert drivers to yield to pedestrians.

Stop Lines in Falkirk

Stop lines are thick white lines painted across the pavement to indicate where vehicles should come to a complete stop at intersections or in front of stop signs. They are essential for traffic safety and visibility.

Thermoplastic Symbols and Signs

Car park markings may include various symbols and signs to provide additional information to drivers.

These can include signs indicating speed limits, reserved parking (e.g., for electric vehicles or car-sharing services), loading zones, or no parking areas.

Other Markings

Our range of service options allows us to tackle a variety of projects needing floor coating in Falkirk, whether that is painting new markings onto areas of the road that need to be kept clear or marking out safe zones for unloading areas and pedestrian walkways.

Our clear line markings are used all across the UK, and our specialist knowledge allows us to start painting them effectively in almost any context and location.


How Much is Car Park Painting?

Our car park markings cost an average of £850 for a full car park service. However, like most painting and marking services, this price varies heavily based on a range of factors.

For example, the cost of getting line markings for a car park will be based on the size of the car park itself, as well as the specific materials that we will have to use (and the amount of said materials).

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This makes every project distinctly different, meaning that we prefer to provide individual quotes for our car park line markings where possible. Our services can vary dramatically in price, and we work with each client to find them service options that suit their individual needs.

Benefits of Car Park Floor Coating

Carpark paint offers several benefits for parking lots and garages. Here are some key advantages:


Carpark paint is designed to be highly visible, even in low-light conditions.

The use of bright and contrasting colours helps drivers easily identify parking spaces, lanes, arrows, and other markings, enhancing overall safety and reducing the risk of accidents or confusion.

Organisation and Traffic Flow

Carpark paint allows for effective organisation and traffic flow within a car park.

Clear markings help drivers navigate through the parking area, guiding them to entrances, exits, designated parking spaces, and other specific areas.

This improves the overall efficiency of the parking facility and reduces congestion.

Safety and Compliance

By clearly marking parking spaces, crosswalks, pedestrian areas, and other important zones, carpark paint helps ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

It promotes adherence to traffic rules, reduces the risk of collisions, and assists in complying with accessibility regulations, such as providing designated spaces for individuals with disabilities.


Carpark paint is formulated to withstand heavy traffic, harsh weather conditions, and regular cleaning and maintenance activities.

It is designed to resist fading, cracking, and wear over time, ensuring long-lasting and durable markings that require less frequent repainting.


Implementing clear and well-maintained car park markings can help optimise car park usage, maximise available space, and prevent unauthorised parking.

This reduces the need for additional enforcement measures or costly modifications.

Additionally, durable parking bay paint minimises the frequency of repainting, resulting in cost savings over the long term.

Professional Appearance

A well-marked and organised parking lot with fresh and vibrant paint creates a professional and positive impression.

It enhances the overall aesthetics of the facility, giving a sense of orderliness and attention to detail.

Car Park Painting Contractors Falkirk

As a specialist car park line marking company in Falkirk, we can tackle all kinds of specific car park marking needs, we can create smooth car park surfaces, pedestrian walkways and road marking applications.

Our range of colours and material options allows for great car park marking on any kind of concrete, asphalt, or other surface materials that is both quick drying and has excellent resistance from the first coat.

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We work hard to deliver the right markings to meet each client's needs, and our painting services cover a wide range of projects.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch to discuss our painting options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Paint is Used in Carparks?

While our company is capable of using a range of highly-visible line painting options to tackle each of our bespoke car park line marking services, we generally recommend using MMA painting.

MMA car park line painting sees better results than many other car park painting options. Since MMA provides clear line markings and non-slip surfaces.

MMA provides greater strength, is easy to apply to concrete spaces, and can be more reliable when used as a fully-insured car park space for a corporation.

How do you Paint Car Park Lines?

Painting car park lines requires careful planning and execution to ensure accurate and durable markings. Here is a general guide on how to paint car park lines:

  1. Prepare the Surface: Ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of debris. Sweep or pressure wash the area to remove dirt, dust, and loose particles. Repair any cracks or potholes, and allow the surface to dry completely before proceeding.

  2. Plan and Measure: Use a measuring tape, chalk, or string to mark the desired locations and dimensions of the parking spaces, lanes, and other markings. Consider local regulations and standards for parking lot dimensions and accessibility requirements.

  3. Masking and Stenciling: Use masking tape or stencils to outline the areas where the lines will be painted. This helps create clean and precise edges. Stencils can be particularly useful for uniformity in symbol markings, such as handicap symbols or directional arrows.

  4. Mixing the Paint: Depending on the type of paint being used, follow the manufacturer's instructions to mix the paint properly. If using traffic paint, it may require dilution with water or a specific solvent.

  5. Apply the Paint: Use a high-quality paint applicator, such as a paint roller, sprayer, or line striping machine, to apply the paint. Start from one end of the marked line and work your way to the other end, maintaining a steady and even application. Ensure that the paint thickness meets local regulations.

  6. Allow Drying Time: Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for drying time. This can vary depending on the type of paint and environmental conditions. Avoid any traffic or pedestrian activity on the freshly painted lines until the paint is fully dried and cured.

  7. Optional: Apply Reflective Glass Beads: You can apply reflective glass beads on top of the wet paint to enhance visibility. The beads will adhere to the paint surface and reflect light, improving visibility during low-light conditions.

  8. Remove Masking: Once the paint is completely dry, carefully remove any masking tape or stencils used for outlining the lines. Ensure that the edges of the lines are clean and well-defined.

Can you Paint your Own Parking Lines?

While it would technically be possible to paint your own line markings, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Road marking requires following specific regulations and using the right materials, especially with car park line markings that see a constant traffic flow all year round.

Car park markings are not as simple as painting the marking onto a surface.

Every individual thing, from loading bays to zebra crossings, has to be made in a specific way to ensure that there is no road marking law or regulation violations.

On top of that, line markings are not easy. Our services draw on the experience of countless specialists in the road marking industry who understand how to produce accurate and regulation-appropriate car park line markings and zebra crossings.

Is Car Park Line Marking Worth it?

Car park markings are the core of any UK car park, acting as the boundaries to mark out individual bays and vital pieces of information.

Even if you are not painting out bay boundaries, our painting services can still be important for directing the traffic flow or providing safe, walkable spaces for pedestrians to cross roads.

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Contact us if you want to know more about what we are capable of painting and how our painting process goes.

We can provide an in-depth breakdown of what we do, how we do it, and how we price our work in Falkirk.

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No matter your needs, we are fully prepared to take on any line marking challenges you might be dealing with, whether that is the painting itself or the planning of individual parking bays in car parks.


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