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We are a team of experienced car park line marking professionals with a real passion for helping clients mark out their parking bays clearly and effectively.

Our team of experienced professionals install car park markings to establish bays and arrows for cars to follow when parking.

In addition to line marking paint, we can provide large-scale car park surface painting over large areas to meet your unique needs and keep both drivers and pedestrians safe in Gweek and throughout the UK.

Our team can also apply hatched road markings as well as 'no parking' signage to ensure that individuals do not park in places that are not designated as parking spots.

We do our utmost to suit our client's particular needs and expectations while also meeting all expected statutory standards for installation and subsequent car parking safety expectations and services.


Types of Car Park Markings

Car park markings are essential for ensuring order and safety in parking lots. They help road users understand where they can park, where pedestrian pathways are, and where special parking rules apply. Here are some common types of car park markings:

Car Park Marking Paint

There are various different types of car park markings available in the UK, all of which are available as part of our services.

We employ a variety of parking lot marking paint, constantly focusing our services on the finest parking lot line painting for each parking lot painting project.

We want to make sure that our parking lot line markings are clear and visible while also offering non-slip parking lot lining surfaces to avoid traffic accidents or falls.

Thermoplastic Car Park Markings

Our thermoplastic car park painting choices and services increase the visibility of each car park line marking surface, even after they have been established for a long time.

This makes our road markings, such as yellow lines, flood signs, and directional markers, more useful in practically any environment.

Any parking space will get worn down over time, and a durable thermoplastic material for car park line painting is important.

Our thermoplastic parking lot marking alternatives are also available in a variety of pre-prepared car park line marking symbols. For example, disabled symbols or EV charging symbols.

Car Park Line Marking Cost Per Metre UK

The cost of car park marking per metre ranges from around 40p per metre to £1.40 per metre, depending on the materials used for your car parking spaces.

In general, regardless of colour, basic markings applied with paints will cost around 40p per metre.

Thermoplastic lines are more expensive, coming in at more like £1.40 per metre. They are likely to last longer, however, so consider the cost of maintenance as well!


Where are Car Park Markings Installed?

Car park markings can be installed in a wide variety of areas, including schools, leisure centres, hospitals, factories, nurseries, government buildings, and commercial car parks. We have worked with car park painting in an enormous range of industries.

Car Park Marking Benefits

There are many benefits to professional car park line markings. Let's take a look at the most important ones.

Improved Safety

Clear car park line markers can assist cars in safely navigating the area and avoiding accidents. Markings can indicate where to park, where handicapped drivers or emergency vehicles should park, and where pedestrians should walk.

Improved Organisation

Line markings may be useful to organise the parking lot and make it easier for vehicles to find a parking place. Clear markers may help drivers avoid misunderstanding and irritation when finding car parking spaces, resulting in a less frustrating parking experience.

Regulations Compliance

Depending on where the parking lot is located, there may be special regulations controlling the usage of markers. Car park operators can avoid fines and other penalties by following these standards and ensuring the safety of their clients.

Increased Efficiency

By designating where automobiles should be placed and how much room should be allowed between them, car park markings can assist in maximising the number of vehicles that can park in a given location.

This can help to alleviate congestion and enhance traffic flow in the car park, particularly around disabled parking bays.


Benefits of Thermoplastic Lines for Car Parks

Preformed thermoplastic car park lining paint is the most robust and long-lasting, allowing the car park line marking to endure much longer before fading. It also comes at a very reasonable price point and in a range of bright colours.

This considerably extends the life of each line marking while also improving reflectivity, durability, and overall dependability.

When compared to ordinary paint, thermoplastic paint is more environmentally friendly and has a stronger slip resistance.

UK Car Park Marking Regulations

The UK uses a standard 2.4m by 4.8m parking space for all conventional road vehicles, with an additional six metres for manoeuvring safety. However, there is no absolute traffic standard regarding the size of typical car park marking lines standards.

According to Government recommendations, 6% of parking spots should be designated for handicapped individuals, including guidance on how to adequately line and label these places.

All handicapped areas should be at least 3.6m wide and 6.6m long, as a general rule. The car park lines should be yellow in colour and incorporate a wheelchair symbol or label, for example, to indicate that the space is just for the holders of disabled badges.

What are the British Standards for Car Parks?

There are no specific rules governing car parks and lines in the UK. To find out what your local authority guidelines and parking regulations are around lines in your area, reach out to your local council and enquire about parking areas and bays and their markings.



"Incredible car park road markings service! We had a whole large scale car park that needed line marking, and now all our parking bays are perfect."

"Great value, and very fast work on all of the hatched markings and disabled bays!"

"All our double yellow lines were old and faded, but now they look as good as new. Top quality line markings!"

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long do Road Marking Materials Take to Dry?

Most thermoplastic car park markings cure in about 10 minutes, whereas painted car park markings and lining might take up to two hours.

This improves the overall effectiveness of our parking bay markers and services.

When you consider that thermoplastic car park markings may last for many years, this is one of the most effective options available from us as a professional car park lining company.

What Surfaces can Line Marking be Applied to?

Larger car parks and private car parks often use a wide range of different surface materials, and our car park paint applications and premium materials are designed to line mark on all of those.

From tarmac surfaces to concrete to block paving, we can apply different bays to any surface with the same professional finish at the end. Get in touch for a free quotation today!

What Colour can Car Park Line Markings be Applied in?

The thermoplastic materials we use for car park line markings come in a selection of different colours, ideal for different types of bays and spaces.

The most popular colours are white, yellow, blue and red.

From disabled spaces to child symbols, we have the perfect tones for improving safety in any area.


We offer a wide range of line marking paint services in Gweek for parking spaces and bays, all at an affordable price, whether you have a small parking area or larger car parks in need of our services.

From disabled parking spaces to child spaces or loading bays, our experts carry a range of skills and can apply car park line markings in any style, any location, and any weather conditions required.

With years of experience in the car park line marking industry, we are skilled in installing lines in many car parks across the nation.


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